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Free the Snake River & DamNation Movie

I just watched the film DamNation on Hulu (free with ad-breaks).  The film is about four deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River and how we can fix the problems they cause.  It’s full of magnificent mountain scenery and underwater footage of salmon and steelhead.  I’m still thinking through the information presented; I may rewatch it to more fully understand everything.

Overall, it was a great film, with the exception of some profanity and a few pictures of a lady in Glen Canyon sans clothing.

Below is a 7:30 minute short film about the Snake River dams.  It’s what led me to watch the movie.  Enjoy!

DamNation Official Site


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Chickens & Fences & Hawks, Oh My!

Yesterday the chickens met a hawk for the first time.  It swooped down across the chicken yard and sent them all running into the coop!  They stayed in there for about 30 minutes.  One of my poor barred rocks (not sure which) tried to run for cover into the trees.  She would have made it if the electric fence hadn’t blocked her path.  As it was, she ran into the live fence and tried very hard to scramble through it, her tail bobbing with each effort.  (This story is really so much funnier when my Mom tells it.)  She did make it safely into the coop though.

Also, a few days ago, I went outside to check on the birds and was standing outside the fence.  Well a barred rock (Sabrina, I think.) decided she would try to perch on the top wire of the fence.  At least I know the fence works.  🙂  So she jumped atop it, and her feet told her that was a bad idea.  Much flapping ensued and she jumped to the ground rather gracefully for an electrified chicken.

That was my week.  How about yours?

Such shocking stories!

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Cinema Thursday #1 – Condit Dam & the White Salmon

Today is the first of (hopefully) many weekly posts of a video that I have found interesting, or informative, or just plain humorous.

Last month the Condit Dam in Washington was breached; the start of a terrific plan to remove the entire dam and rehabilitate the White Salmon River.  Biologists expect the endangered white salmon population to double in this river.

It is very encouraging to me to see PacifiCorp carefully removing the dam in a way that will benefit its surrounding environment.  Also, it’s encouraging that they will be restoring the area, not just pulling out.

Read more at MSNBC

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