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Thought for the Day

ImageDon’t rely on buzz-words, make sure your food is actually good for you.


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So I was mixing some spices for tacos…

Did you know that cayenne powder makes your nose feel all tingly and tickle-y if you accidentally sniff it up?  And it makes you sneeze too.

Anyway, have a nice evening and Happy Holidays!

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Why, when there are six nest boxes to choose from, do things like this happen?

Getting a little crowded in here.

(This photo was not staged or edited at all.)


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A Month in Pictures

Honeybun and the chicks out for a stroll on April 25th.

Growin’ like a weed.

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are but they’re lovely anyway.

Our new comfrey plant in bloom.

Pretty sure these two are roosters.

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Broody Progress Update

We are on day 13 of incubation!  Their scales and claws appear today.  Their heartbeat appeared on day 2 and on day 5 their gender was determined.

I am so ready for these little peepers to hatch!  I’ve been taking Honeybun on walks every day so can stretch, peck, eat, drink, bathe, poo, and in general cram all normal chicken behaviors into a 15 minute slot. 

Tomorrow the chicks will begin positioning for pipping (first break) the shell. 

Hatch day is the 19th!


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Black Tea Chickens

My chickens have unique names.  Cheeseball, Ducky, Flopsy, Klutzy, etc.  I kind of named them willy-nilly without rhyme or reason.  Except for the Black Australorps.  Since they’re all black, I thought it would be cute to name them after black teas.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the Black Tea Australorps:  *drumroll*




Pekoe was kind of hard to get a good photo of because she’s too haughty for paparazzi.  Oolong and the camera get along fine.

Darjeeling and the camera?  A picture is worth 1,000 words:

Darjeeling likes the camera. Mostly.

Now I just have figure out what teas to name the other two Black Australorps after.

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Put On Your Boogie Shoes

On  Thursday I went out to clean the coop windows (How do they get so dirty?!?).  Well, I am so popular that most of the chickens came into the coop with me and hosted a pine shavings party.  The dust was flying!

Here's the one that started it all.

A dozen chickens digging in pine shaving while three or four try to dust-bathe in a 5×8′ (?) area causes hilarity which  the camera cannot adequately capture.  But I tried anyway.

Isn't Gregory handsome?

Now that the windows are clean they want to kick up the dust to make them dirty again!

Bathing Beauties

This post was linked to the Homestead Barn Hop!

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