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Cinema Thursday: Sheep teaches young bull to head butt

Here’s a cute video I saw the other day and had to share.

On a sad note, Sabrina succumbed to  the heat on Tuesday.


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Cinema Thursday: Return of the Cicadas

This a neat excerpt from a documentary-in-progress by Samuel Orr.  If you are grossed out by videos of crawling bugs, you my want to skip this one.

It’s pretty dramatic.  Possibly over-dramatic, but I liked it anyway.

Return of the Cicadas on Vimeo

Support the film on Kickstarter HERE.

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Cinema Thursday: The Miseducation of America with Charlotte Iserbyt

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt (pronounced Izzer-bee), former Senior Policy Adviser in the US Department of Education during the Reagan administration, was interviewed in May of 2011 about the miseducation of America.  It’s not so much an interview as it is her telling the story of what has gone on in education.  Please listen with both ears and your mind, you’ll need them.  There is so much information in this video.  I really felt that my brain drowned in information (that’s a good thing).

Charlotte Iserbyt’s website is deliberatedumbingdown.com.

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full

Read the Transcript: America’s Road to Ruin

Read more of Iserbyt & others’ work here.

Charlotte has also written the book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America which is online for free.   It is a chronological history of the past 100+ years of education reform.  It contains a lot of research including government plans and policy documents from her time in the Department of Education.

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Cinema Thursday #9: Ammonia Ridden Pink Sludge

If you’ve gone to a news site lately I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “pink slime.” And it’s no wonder!  70% of ground beef in the U.S. contains this pureed, disinfected goop!  Maybe it really is “safe” at least in the sense that it’s been cleaned, but that begs the question: Why does our beef need to be sterilized?!

To the lady in the video below who stated that use of pink slime does not need to be disclosed because “It’s beef.”  The beef has been soaked in ammonia!  Ammonia is the additive!

On the bright side, McDonalds has decided not to use soylent pink anymore.  Because obviously no one would order a supersize McSlime with a large ammonia to go, please.

Read more:

School Children Served Pink Slime for Lunch

McDonald’s Announces End to ‘Pink Slime’ in Burgers

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Cinema Thursday #8: Back To Eden Organic Gardening

Last week I was looking at some gardening videos on YouTube with my Mom and we noticed an interesting looking suggested video.  We watched and then, EPIPHANY!  This is the most brilliant method of gardening because it works so perfectly.  I am so excited to try this!

You can watch the entire film online for free, here.

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Cinema Thursday #7: The Victorian Kitchen Garden

I recently ran across this old British TV series on YouTube a little while ago.  It shows just how much goes into feeding ourselves, and how far away we are from it these days.

You can find more by searching “Victorian Kitchen Garden” on YouTube.

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Cinema Thursday #6: Food Matters!

I have seen this trailer before but I ran across it again recently.  It sums up the basic problems and solutions of our food/medicine system.

Side note:  I am not sure how regular Cinema Thursday will be in future.  There are only so many interesting and relevant videos out there.  That said, suggestions are always welcome; just make sure they’re family friendly.


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