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Now Presenting: The Chicks!

All seven chicks hatched by 7:00pm yesterday!  We have one Black Australorp, three Buff Orpingtons, and three mixes.

I’d read that once you hear the chicks peeping in their shells, they’ll hatch within 24 hours.  I went to check and see if I could hear them, and I could!  Out of curiosity, I lifted Honeybun up to see if they’d pipped.  There was a little black chick flopping around under her!


A Buff Orpington chick just before it broke free.

One of the chicks hatched in my hand.  So precious.

On Saturday they moved to their broody coop.  Honeybun is glad to have grass to scratch in.


This photo was staged, but it's still adorable.

  The chicks are dry and fluffy, and the little family is in their new coop.  It’s all good.

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Hatching on Day 20!

We have a chick!  I can hardly wait til it’s dry and fuzzy so I can hold it!


The First Chick

Check back later for updates.


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Homestead Drying Racks Giveaway

Homestead Drying Racks has begun an emag!  The magazine covers many homesteading topics and an issue should come out quarterly.  It is a free download and you can click on the link below to view it in pdf format.


For more information about the emag go to:http://www.homesteaddryingracks.com/emag.html

If you would like to join in the celebration, HCP is having a HUGE give away.

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Honeybun is Broody!

I am so excited, my Buff Orpington Honeybun is broody!  As soon as I get a lil broody coop rigged up for her, I will give her some eggs to hatch!

The story:  Yesterday Honeybun was sitting in her nestbox grouchily.  Thought nothing of it.  But then, when I went to close up their coop for the night, she was still there.  She puffed up and growled at me when I touched her.  Well, I took the eggs she was sitting on (and felt very guilty) and picked her up to see if she’d pulled out any feathers.  Yes, she had.  I put her back inside and closed the coop.


Big, scary floofball.

This morning, she had settled in a different nest box.   I petted her a bit but then she got up and ran outside.  I was thinking, Oh no!  I’ve broken her broodiness!  But she was walking around the run all floofed out, and the other chickens (even the boys) were being really polite.  Eventually she went back in and settled down.  Que angry squawking.


Don't mess with a broody hen!

This is the coolest thing ever!

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I Have Blog Buttons!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not but here they are:



What do you think? I made them myself, using this tutorial. Thanks Amy!  I may make a couple more so that you can pick and choose.  Any ideas?

(As a side note, my web designer brother says that they are banners, technically speaking.  He would know.)


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The First Egg!

Yesterday I noticed that one of the Barred Rock pullets was missing.  So, on a hunch, I went out to the coop and lo, she was in the nest box!  After about 10-20 minutes of watching, leaving, peeking, leaving, looking, etc. I went in and there was this perfect little egg under her!

I’m pretty sure it was Sabrina.  I’m so proud of her!

How now, brown...egg.

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Giveaway: The Joy of Keeping A Root Cellar

Heather at Mountain Home Quilts is giving away Jennifer Megyesi’s book, The Joy of Keeping A Root Cellar.  It looks like a great book, so good, in fact, that she could only come up with one con for it!

Keeping a root cellar is a huge part of self-sufficiency which I hope to try next year.  Meanwhile, research!

This giveaway is now closed.

The object of this post.


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