Honeybun is Broody!

I am so excited, my Buff Orpington Honeybun is broody!  As soon as I get a lil broody coop rigged up for her, I will give her some eggs to hatch!

The story:  Yesterday Honeybun was sitting in her nestbox grouchily.  Thought nothing of it.  But then, when I went to close up their coop for the night, she was still there.  She puffed up and growled at me when I touched her.  Well, I took the eggs she was sitting on (and felt very guilty) and picked her up to see if she’d pulled out any feathers.  Yes, she had.  I put her back inside and closed the coop.


Big, scary floofball.

This morning, she had settled in a different nest box.   I petted her a bit but then she got up and ran outside.  I was thinking, Oh no!  I’ve broken her broodiness!  But she was walking around the run all floofed out, and the other chickens (even the boys) were being really polite.  Eventually she went back in and settled down.  Que angry squawking.


Don't mess with a broody hen!

This is the coolest thing ever!

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4 responses to “Honeybun is Broody!

  1. How exciting! We’ve had a broody each of the past two years. So much fun.

  2. I laughed to see her pouffy feathers! Isn’t it funny that “growling” noise they make? I keep telling my kids they can’t be scared when the hens act that way, they just have to reach in a take the eggs, but sometimes it makes me hesitate a moment too.

    • The growling is so adorable! She hasn’t pecked me though, which I found kind of surprising.

      I did take her eggs away until I’d fixed up a broody box in the garage and had a clutch for her. We’re on day 6 of incubation now!

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