Cinema Thursday #6: Food Matters!

I have seen this trailer before but I ran across it again recently.  It sums up the basic problems and solutions of our food/medicine system.

Side note:  I am not sure how regular Cinema Thursday will be in future.  There are only so many interesting and relevant videos out there.  That said, suggestions are always welcome; just make sure they’re family friendly.



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4 responses to “Cinema Thursday #6: Food Matters!

  1. Hmmm… looks like an interesting watch. I’ll say that the trailer gets a little overdramatic at the end, but the subject matter seems fascinating. Although I wonder- if the film actually tries to dissuade us from eating food grown here in the USA, what’s the alternative? And if it’s only trying to dissuade us from eating processed food or fast food, then why is it so dramatic?

    I’m just nitpicking, though, really. This looks like something I’d like to see.

    • Actually, the film itself is more about our diet and nutrition paradigms. I don’t exactly agree with all the nutritional advice in the film, but it shows the problems with the medical establishment. E.G. not giving credence to research that disagrees with their foregone conclusions, and things like that. It also contrasts food-based medicine vs. drug-based medicine. Drugs cannot correct a nutritional deficiency. It’s mainly about diet; I don’t recall it mentioning USA grown food.

      Thank you for following my blog!

  2. I guess the USA grown food thing was from that line about pesticides. I’ll probably have to… you know… watch the movie. Then I’ll have plenty of things to discuss that actually relate to the movie.

    And thanks for your reply!

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