Photo Post: Chicks

The first day.

On July 29th we received 17 chicks in the mail.  They were hatched on the 27th.  There are:

-6 Buff Orpingtons

-5 Barred Rocks

-6 Black Australorps (one is a cockerel)

They turned 3 weeks old on Wednesday.  They’re going out in the coop ASAP!  The box won’t hold 17 big, rambunctious chicks much longer.  Some have gotten out already.

I think one of the most adorable things is when a chick sneezes, then wipes its beak on me.

A happy, sleepy, 15-day-old pullet.

They seem to really enjoy dandelion and clover leaves.  As soon as they see what goodies are there they flock to get there first–pushing and shoving to get their share.

Perching is another favorite pastime of theirs.  The edge of the box, the top of the feeder, my arm, whatever they can get their feet on.

They peck at everything.  My Dad drew a dot on the wall of their box and about half of them came to peck at it simultaneously.  I have freckles on my arms which get pecked.  The pencil behind my ear and my hair are fair game to the chicks too.  I love it!

We will probably transfer them to their adult housing this weekend.  It’s amazing how quickly they grow.  I can hardly wait for them all to be scratching around outside in the sun.  Chickens are probably my favorite domestic bird.  They’re funny and they make you breakfast, how could it get any better than that?



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2 responses to “Photo Post: Chicks

  1. eelhsa

    I love little chickens! 🙂 You seem to have a real appreciation for their antics as well. Your description of the way they behave is very accurate. Thank you for sharing this and for so obviously caring that your birds have a happy and healthy life.:)

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