Drugged up on Milk

Why is it that milk from a multi-million dollar corporation that sticks thousands of cows in a massive barn; injects them chock full of antibiotics, hormones, painkillers, etc.; and then feeds them E. Coli fostering corn is considered “safe” just because it’s been ruthlessly boiled?  Contrast that with cows eating fresh grass leisurely strolling to the milking parlor.

With all the craze to give humans fresh, clean, unprocessed food, why are we still feeding our cows candy cast-offs and undigestible GMO corn?

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. wrote a really great article here, entitled Drugged up on Milk.  I wanted to share it and the attached video about the Estrella family, who are being picked on by the FDA (Fanatical Depradation Agency).

You can donate to help the Estrella family at their blog: estrellacheese.wordpress.com


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One response to “Drugged up on Milk

  1. I hate how the FDA and other government organizations are doing this to small farmers.
    Dr. Douglass article had a lot of good things to say, thanks for linking to it!

    Love the Fanatical Depradation Agency.

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